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On average most individuals will prepare for their future financial needs through… employer-sponsored benefits, social security contributions, insurance and savings. Maybe they’ve even invested, but chances are each of these pieces were developed independently and at different times in their life…

Financial success requires integration, by allowing each piece to accomplish its own task while also supporting tasks associated with the other pieces. Anything less is risky. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or already enjoying retirement, the goal is to create a better tomorrow by minimizing financial risks associated with your personal well-being, we call it... Your Future Well Defined!

The secret to success is getting started, having a goal without a plan is just a wish….

Too often this process begins with an agenda the advisor/agent brings to the table. In our opinion this reinforces past unpleasant experiences that may leave you guarded about what you’re willing to disclose. As such, the conversation should begin with… if they can help, not how. At the end of the day, alignment with the individual and/or family’s objectives is the only acceptable test for recommendations.

We offer a comprehensive integrated approach that also engages and educates our client along the way….

One benefit of having professional guidance could be the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a well thought out strategy, creating a better big picture view of your financial situation… which can be monitored, reviewed and changed to fit your life or to counter issues that may arise. With that in mind, we’re committed to offering visibility, transparency, and flexibility just like the do-it-yourself method, plus experience.

In general, the client is responsible for articulating their personal goals… what they require for themselves and their family in both the short and long term. The advisors’ job is to employ good financial discipline and assist their client in an objective manner using the necessary tools and services. The advisor should also serve as a non-emotionally attached resource. This additional value-added is considered the basis of behavioral finance and removes the number one flaw associated with self-directed accounts… self-sabotage, creating an optimal client relationship.

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