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We believe the financial services industry was founded on biased origins. It’s a sales-driven system in which compensation to the advisor/agent both motivates and mitigates their behavior. When a system is sales-driven, the sense of urgency is tied to transactions, which creates a lack of trust.

Earning and maintaining a trusted professional status is a battle fought everyday throughout the financial services world. In an industry where various proprietary and promotional incentives are common, this creates a major challenge. Our goal has always been to develop relationships which move us beyond those corporate interests… allowing us to offer a conflict-free environment.

Our Vision
For over 25 years Abacus has practiced with one basic thought in mind, that a client’s success is also our success! Abacus Personal Finance is a full service agency offering an awareness for tax strategy and the after tax result. We consult with tax, accounting and legal professionals who often assist us with our goal-based planning as necessary.

Our Mission
We are committed to the process of providing personalized financial strategies designed to create a better tomorrow with no minimum account size and ensuring our services are available to any and all interested in receiving individualized financial guidance.

Our Values
We offer a conflict free environment that is mutually collaborative and educational. We believe this approach creates a client/company culture built upon…


Our Strategy
We come to you… in-home, at work, over lunch or coffee… wherever life leads you! A concierge level service offering the convenience a busy world requires. We believe our commitment to in-home consultations makes us unique. However, technology does offer and does provide a less-invasive more convenient option through screen-share and other capabilities.

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