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All forms of planning are about managing and protecting cash flow, especially over the long term. Specifically though our approach considers the net effect of multiple influences, which means… financial decisions (investment, tax, insurance etc.) should never occur in isolation.

When it comes to retirement planning the reality most individuals face comes down to three areas: Guaranteed, Flexible and Additional sources of income…

Guaranteed Sources
This group is made up of assets with a fixed payout such as Social Security, Employer Pension Plans and Annuities. The goal is to have these assets produce enough monthly income to cover your housing, utilities and grocery expenses (HUG) during retirement. Since pension plans are becoming scarce is also why some people choose to consider certain annuities as a pension replacement especially if they are risk-averse.

Flexible Sources
Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan, Brokerage Accounts or other Non-Employer savings and investments fall into this category. As we consider your Employer-Sponsored assets we further develop strategies using Non-Employer assets to counter shortfalls identified over the long-term, as well as, minimizing the impact other life events may have on a retirement-focused plan. They’re called flexible sources because you can influence when, where and how much you withdraw or generate depending on your tolerance for risk.

Additional Sources
This group is focused on supplementing and/or protecting cash flow now and during retirement. Part-time work or business ventures like owning rental properties and insurance assets would fall into this category. Insurance is generally considered a means for protecting future cash flows. If you were to re-title this group as “Backup Assets” that would be fairly accurate.

Success lies in your ability to identify the shortfalls…
While it’s true that identifying shortfalls is critical, sometimes there’s a need to confer with others. In order to accomplish this we have the ability to consult with experts in two additional disciplines: a CPA (when necessary) and if assets are substantial enough to be concerned with estate planning issues, an attorney.

Individuals hire a professional because they have the knowledge, skill, ability and tools to provide the services needed which allows practical experience to become a technique that sharpens the tools of their trade. We build and oversee both tax-advantaged and taxable solutions and work in coordination with tax, accounting and legal professionals as needed.

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