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At a very basic level you should understand the need for and value of a spending plan, your road map for telling your money what to do over the short and long term. At its simplest, a spending plan lists how much income you have coming in compared to what’s going out each month.

However, staying focused on your financial goals can be difficult. You know what they are, and you know you’ll be better off if you stick to them. But you also have a lot going on in your life, and it can be hard to remain dedicated to something just floating around in your head.

If you’re feeling frustrated know that you are not the only one struggling. People interested in improving their financial situation understand they need short and long-term financial goals. But many lack the motivation to pursue those goals in a deliberate way and struggle to make progress. There are only two solutions, the first is to earn enough to hire someone that manages your money issues or if you’re not in that situation, to establish a spending plan going forward.

We can assist you in creating that spending plan; a financial mission statement if you will, designed to help you visualize your goals and reminding you why you’re looking to accomplish them. It’s not complicated, although, certain online budgeting providers tend to make it a lot more involved than really necessary. It’s simply called 50-20-30 … this rule helps create a spending plan by placing expenses (yes, even that morning latte) into one of four categories as follows…

Fifty percent
of your income should go to needs-based living expenses and essentials. This includes housing, utilities, and things like groceries and transportation for work etc.

Twenty percent
of your income should go to goals-based expenses, like debt reduction (if you have debt) savings or investment.

Thirty percent
of your income should be used for flexible spending. These should be priorities you want to do… things that can move your life forward, like allocating more toward debt reduction or investment. You could plan for leisure activities or set money aside for a down payment on a house or a new car to name a few.

Discretionary Expenses
Here is your challenge, identifying discretionary expenses. It will require a certain amount of discipline. We need to identify and redirect discretionary spending. This is where the discipline comes in… before reaching into your pocket or your wallet just ask yourself does this expense move my life forward or is it discretionary?

Here is our promise, if you bring the discipline, we’ll provide a path forward… free of charge!

Member, the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE)
As a non-profit organization they are dedicated to promoting financial education through multiple channels. Although focused more on the challenges of everyday financial life, they do resemble the CFP® Board in both purpose and practice.

AFCPE brings together research, education and practical experience, and supports the profession through comprehensive training, professional development and high-quality resources to help improve the financial well-being of individuals and families. For over 30 years they have worked with the government, the military and a wide range of agencies to set policy. And, continue to collaborate with local practitioners that share their values and vision. Through membership and donations we proudly support the AFCPE mission.


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This program considers your specific objectives and circumstances. It is a personalized approach to debt reduction with a specific course of action but flexible enough to adjust to life changes as necessary.

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